State Lemon Laws

Is your Car a Lemon?

Think you might have purchased a lemon? Has your car had unusual problems that repeated trips to a mechanic have not solved?

This website offers a comprehensive overview of all of the lemon laws that have been enacted in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. We also answer some of the most common questions related to lemon laws, provide summaries of the laws in all 50 states and give you tips on how to best prepare yourself if you suspect you might have a lemon.  Because lemon laws vary so drastically by state, it is important to understand your individual protections and rights. The surest way to win a lemon law proceeding is to know the rights accorded to you by your state.

There are many websites on Lemon Laws that have been either written by law firms or are sponsored by law firms.  We are not affiliated with law firms and do our best to offer you unbiased advice.

Commonly Asked Questions
Read through our FAQ's first to get a good understanding of some of the terms and concepts that are used in our discussions of state by state lemon laws.

Lemon laws are different in every state, and although the general guidelines answered by the questions above will guide and educate you, you must look into your state's specific laws to understand how a lemon is defined, what your rights are and how you should pursue compensation.

State by State Lemon Law Summaries

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