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We are a group of consumer advocates dedicated to providing consumers unbiased information about Lemon Laws. We understand many of the challenges of finding unbiased information on the Internet and want to give consumers a simple yet fact filled source for information on the Lemon Laws in their state.

There is a tremendous variation between laws in different states, and that sorting through the different laws can be challenging. We also hope that by providing a simple rating system, those states that score poorly will be motivated to improve their lemon laws.

There is certainly a time to consult an attorney. In some states you need to utilize a lawyer, while in other states you can navigate that state's lemon law process without an attorney. We hope that this website will educate you about Lemon Laws so that you will be better prepared if you do choose to speak to an attorney about your lemon.

Yes, the event that spurred the development of this website was the lemon car that one of our authors purchased. Unfortunately, he missed the opportunity to act under his state's lemon laws because he didn't know what those laws were. More detail can be found here.

We hope you learn from this experience and are more prepared to fight for your rights if your car, truck or motorcycle is a lemon.

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