State Lemon Laws

My Lemon Law Story

My Lemon Story began with a pre-owned, dealer-certified vehicle. What's more, the vehicle was a mid-level German car, so I was confident that I had selected a good car. I purchased the car after a lot of careful research, and it was exciting when my car finally arrived.

Unfortunately, the problems began on Day 1. Various basic functions of the car did not work properly. For example, one of the windows didn't move up and down properly. I took the car back to the dealership and had them "repair" the car, but a few weeks after I brought it home, other mechanical failures happened.

Again, I took the car to the dealer and I had the car "repaired". And yet again, problems cropped up.

After a while I became resigned to having minor defects in my car. I failed to keep proper documentation of my problems, and of course the dealership claims to have no records either. I can see that they don't try to help consumers who have problematic cars.

What did I learn? I learned the importance of having a good attorney who knows the laws in my state. I pretty sure I could have gotten some sort of relief under the lemon law if I had been better informed and properly represented by an attorney. 


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