State Lemon Laws

Q: Do Lemon Laws Apply to Motorcycles, Motor Homes and Cars/Trucks used for Business?

A:  It entirely depends on the state if your vehicle is covered by your state's lemon laws.. 

Motorcycles are covered in roughly half of the states.

Some states cover motor homes if they are under a particular weight, while other states cover any vehicles for personal use, while other states cover vehicles by their class (and exclude motor homes).

Some states classify the types of vehicles that are covered based on how the vehicle is used.  Often this use restriction allows for personal, but not commercial use.  Other states do not have a use restriction at all.

Other laws do protect you if your vehicle is not directly covered under one of the "Lemon Laws".  If you feel that you have experienced a substantial loss of use, value or safety of your vehicle due to a manufacturer's defect you should still contact a law firm in your state and see if there are any additional protections under state or national law.

First, check your state's Lemon Laws and find out if your vehicle is covered.

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