State Lemon Laws

Q: How do I know if the car I want to buy is a Lemon?

A: The great news is that if action was ever taken under a state's lemon laws, most states make an annotation to the title of the vehicle declaring it to have been a lemon.  This annotation usually says nothing about the problem or problem(s) with the vehicle that caused it to be classifed as a lemon, but it does provide an indication of past problems.

First of all, review the lemon laws in the state that the car is currently registered in to make sure that that state annotates the title with a lemon indication. In most states dealers are required to tell you that the vehicle was a lemon.  If they don't, you are usually entiteld to some financial compensation, although it varies by state.

Second, run a record check on the car. We have a relationship with Carfax, that allows you to run a preliminary report from our website. Autocheck (by Experian) also provides a similar service. To run a preliminary Carfax report, enter the VIN number below:

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