State Lemon Laws

Lemon Laws in your state

We are still researching the lemon laws in your state. We want to make sure that we give you a deep and accurate perspective of the lemon laws in your state. We will do our best to put up this information in a timely manner (hopefully before the end of the month). In the meantime, this page is intended to provide you an overview of the information that we will provide about your state.

Your State's Lemon Law Rating: A scale from 1 (Negative - favors the Manufacturer) to 5 (Positive - favors the Consumer)

Vehicles Covered:

  • We provide an overview of the vehicles covered under your state's lemon laws. In particular, we identify whether your state's lemon laws cover:
    • Motorcycles
    • Motor Homes
    • Commercial Vehicles
    • Off-Road Vehicles

What constitutes a "lemon":

  • Every state has a different definition of a lemon. In this section we provide information about how your state defines a lemon. In particular, we pay special attention to the number of repair attempts necessary, and the types of defects that will classify your car as a lemon.
Valid for:
  • The length of time that your car may classify under your state's lemon laws

What to do if you suspect you have a lemon in your state:

  • We outline the steps that you must take in order to benefit from your state's lemon laws.


Please take a look through our FAQs. They will give you a good understanding of the important terms and principles of lemon laws so that you will be better armed as you continue to research lemon laws in your state.



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